Production Incentives

Many of the states and a few cities in the USA offer production incentives to encourage film producers to shoot in their state or city. With so many government budgets under pressure these days, it is getting a bit more complicated. Some states and cities have dropped or changed the incentives programs, others have just begun to offer incentives to bring in production dollars.

Madison Media is well versed in the complicated world of tax incentive regulations. Whether it is a tax credit or rebate, we can help you navigate the current tax credit and incentive plans for the entertainment industry.

Madison Media Group's knowledge of the incentive process can help you maximize the financial rewards available based on shooting your project in a particular location.  Equally as important, we can help you determine if your project parameters fit the criteria to make it worth  the effort it will take to pursue production incentives. 

Our team can help guide you through:

  • Incentive types
  • Tax credits
  • Cash Rebates
  • Rules and Regulations

In addition to exploring the different incentive programs offered in each desired location with you, we are can oversee the process from start to finish; including estimates, insurance and managing required accounting steps.